Life is said to be a journey. What’s it about then?
Are our lives supposed to be transformed and transformative?
Does the Divine actually address us in ways we might not recognize as coming from the Divine?
How is our purpose made clear to us?

“efy’s talk is from the heart and inspirational. Her images are beautiful to look at and speak to the blessings nature has provided to those who wish to listen. efy is a wonderful example of how trust plays the most important part in her life and that same trust can be the goal for each of our lives as well.”  

   ~ Blessings, Nancy S.,  Merging Hearts Holistic Center, Canton, OH

efy will share her transformative journey, how she walks through her daily life with an open
heart. “I speak about trust and listening to the Divine in my daily life. How incredible my
path has been and even through the shattering of my heart more than once. I have learned to
trust in full faith and gratitude. I can feel the “nudge” of the Divine and this is my guidance,
my walk, my call. I embrace this and share my light.”

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