Healing Through Divine Light: A Journey in Photos

Book Coverefy McDonnell, contemplative fine arts photographer and published author, has traveled the country speaking on the Transformative Journey. She is a Spiritual Director to others who are seeking such a path.

Life is said to be a journey. What’s it about then? Are our lives supposed to be transformed and transformative? Does the Divine actually address us in ways we might not recognize as coming from the Divine? How is our purpose made clear to us? In Healing Through Divine Light: A Journey in Photos, efy, a Contemplative Photographer and spiritual seeker, explores these questions as she deals with Lyme disease, which has completely taken her energy and life force, her mind and her ability to pray. In this book, her wondrous photographs are full of light and the sense that the Divine is everywhere. efy makes the case that the Divine reveals itself in the most unusual of circumstances. She was searching for physical healing, which she received. Yet she was also gifted with an emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing as well. Nature and the spirits in nature were partners in her healing. One cannot help but want to be propelled on such a journey to a transformed life. The author tells us how it happened for her, where she started, and where she ended up. Each person’s journey is, of course, unique, but efy has given us all a gift by revealing how it happened for her.

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efy’s Walk with Lyme

In 1997, I began to experience symptoms that became increasingly troublesome. They began with tripping, stumbling and dropping things. But, when the memory problems started and I was unable to handle most daily tasks the disease had my full attention. I was fully engaged in fear and desperation. It wasn’t until mid-May 2003, that I was diagnosed with severe Lyme disease. It robbed me of my body as I had known it, took all my athletic ability from me, and devastated my mind. Read more…